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Wire Processing
Harness, cables, power cords, and wire leads

System Harness Production
Harnesses to ground, Lighting, Power and other electrical systems

Pneumatic Crimping / Connecting
Connectors, Ring Terminals, Splices

Coaxial/ Telephone

PVC insulated and Bulk Copper   Wire

AutoCAD Services

Battery & Ground Cables /Jumper Cables

Wire/Terminal Soldering


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CAS is equipped with flexible wire processing machines along with Ultrasonic Welders and an excellent skilled labor force. CAS can process wire from 28 gauge to 8 gauge.


CAS stocks an extensive variety of AMP, TYCO, Delphi/Packard, Panduit and Molex terminals and connectors. We also stock wire in a wide array of colors and gauges. CAS has the necessary hardware to support your assembly needs.

CAS has the capability to produce a wide variety of coaxial type cables. These cables are commonly used for television and home video equipment and computer networking.

CAS stocks wire in a wide array of colors and gauges to process your harness needs. CAS will also provide bulk spools of insulated copper wire from size 28 gauge to 4/0 directly to your business for processing.

CAS has the capability to design prints to your specifications through AutoCAD. CAS can also break down prints wire to wire that have already been created.

CAS has the capability to produce #6 to 4/0 gauge battery and power cables. This process is done with hydraulic crimping for a durable hold. CAS can also provide flat and round braided shunts/jumpers to give flexibility between to separate conductors.